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The brief here was to capture the love and friendship between these there sisters. They are all quite different and unique in their personalities, yet they share many common bonds. The stage is set in the dining area their family home, taking in the view and even one of the cats through the window. The clothing styles, jewellery and favourite foods were all incorporated. One of the girls is a Star Wars enthusiast, note the toaster on the right hand side and the toast it produces on the table. Another sister is a singer/songwriter. The girls have matching crystal bracelets and  matching tattoos of coffeee chemical symbol. This was a lovely commission to create.

What did the client think …

Natalie was a delight to work with and took time to ensure the piece is personalised for us with special personal touches while being beautifully styled and we believe classically a Natalie Dyer.”

Anne Bergevin

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