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Articles/Blog and random bits and pieces!

This blog page hopefully will always be a little serendipitous, so you will never know what you may find here. Your thoughts and suggestions are also always welcome, so feel free to send a message either through the chat box or via email.


The Journey of a painting (part 3)

The Journey of a Painting … After many hours and layers of colour, I put the finishing touches on the painting which I have titled ‘Looking for Lifebouys‘ This piece was painted aboard the Pacific Jewel whilst cruising to the […]

The Journey of a Painting!

The Journey of a Painting (Part 1) There is a funny little story attached with this painting… I flew to Sydney with my paints & brushes (which never leave my side while travelling) to board the “Jewel of the Seas’ […]

What’s happening in the Studio at the moment

Well there is always something happening … but here we go with a blank canvas … BLANK CANVAS SYNDROME I am fortunate that I rarely suffer with this syndrome, mine would be more ‘Which idea shall I paint first?’ I […]

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