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The Journey of a Painting … After many hours and layers of colour, I put the finishing touches on the painting which I have titled ‘Looking for Lifebouys‘ This piece was painted aboard the Pacific Jewel whilst cruising to the Pacific islands. A number of personnel who have watched the painting develop over the days give their stamp of approval! Next the piece goes upto the auction platform to be introduced by the Auctioneer, and all in attendance at the Art Auction. These passengers have been watching this painting develop from a blank canvas to a completed work of art over the duration of the cruise. And next…

The Journey of a painting. Finish.


Once a painting is finally completed it is introduced to the public who attend the auction. They have been watching this piece come to life over a number of days and have probably wondered what on earth it was going to look like when completed, as there is a bit of distance from the beginning, to the end. Sometimes some imagination is required. Well its always a little nerve wracking when you are actually at the auction yourself (thank goodness that isn’t all the time), because not only is everybody watching your work and the Auctioneer, but they are watching you as well, to maybe gauge your response or apprehension if ‘What if it doesn’t sell’. Which actually, it doesn’t always the first time, sometimes people are a little nervous and will see the Auctioneer privately after the auction, sometimes they will wait for the next auction, unless someone else starts bidding and then it gets exciting. That is what happened here and there was a bit of a mad flurry, which did make it exciting! As you can see this collector was very happy and delighted to have won her bid. The nicest thing for me about being at an auction, is I get to meet the people who are collecting my work. So I know what kind of home the painting is going to and how the painting has affected the person who has acquired it. That is special!. I have had some pretty emotional stories and connections to my artwork shared with me that has made me feel very humbled and honoured to be a part of someones life in such a way. I hope you found this four part series interesting, and I am always happy to answer any questions or share any insights or ideas I may have on collecting, choosing, or displaying art for your home. Thank you for reading!

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