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Commissioned Artworks


Tonic Time

'TONIC TIME' Capturing the very different personalities of this family was great fun. A family that continues to holiday together and enjoy each other. It’s all the little things that tell the story … the family flag and sayings, the magazines that often show a persons passions, the designer bags, clothing, sun glasses and jewellery…

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The Coffee Club

'THE COFFEE CLUB' The brief here was to capture the love and friendship between these there sisters. They are all quite different and unique in their personalities, yet they share many common bonds. The stage is set in the dining area their family home, taking in the view and even one of the cats through…

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Hot Doc’s

'HOT DOCS' This painting was commissioned and created as a tribute to these eight doctors at Corner Place Surgery in the UK, especially to the large one with watercress and fish coming out of his scrubs, for their commitment to helping their community in the fight against Covid-19. Finding out a little about each of…

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Working Women

WORKING WOMEN ‘Working Women’ was created as a very special 50th birthday present for a very special friend. Photos of both ladies, their personalities, styles and favourite wine were provided. This painting captured the two girls perfectly when they get together, ‘moments in time’ on canvas!   What did the client say… Hi Natalie We…

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No I’m Taller

'NO I'M TALLER' The sibling rivalry between these two women as girls and even now is the family joke which their dad wanted to capture. His memory of them growing up was always the fight for who was taller. As adults both girls have their own directions but still enjoy each other immensely and spend…

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